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Neptune Rake System

Neptune Rake System

Neptune Rake System


Neptune Rake is a lightweight, yet very robust tool for cropping emergent pond weed and dredging detritus from lake beds.

It is light enough to carry by hand to any lake, over any terrain.

It can remove up to 10 tons of weed and and lake bed detritus in one day !
Annual use will keep ponds in good order, at full depth and free of rotting detritus.

Made from 4003 grade stainless steel its built to last, and its made in Glasgow.
The system can be operated by 2 to 3 men from the shore, no need to get out on the water.

We offer two different packages: 

  • The Full Neptune Rake system, including 2m wide rake, 2m wide float, 200m 12mm rope and PCW 5000 portable winch.
  • Neptune Rake system without winch, including 2m wide rake, 2m wide float, 200m 12mm rope.

Neptune Rake Features

Neptune Rake System
  • Cost

    Neptune rake kit costs £4800


    Neptune rake is carried to site by hand.


    Mobile aquatic life have the opportunity to return to the pond unharmed after the weed is tipped at the pondside” we advise leaving the weed and detritus at the pond-side for a few days to allow this to happen, and to let it dry out, meaning easier disposal.


    Neptune Rake comes in two 1m wide sections which are easily joined together on site with stainless steel butterfly bolts. For ponds which are really solid with weed and detritus you can choose to use just one 1m wide section of the rake to begin with

Optional Extras

  • Ground Anchor

    Ground anchor available if there are no trees to anchor winch

  • Sea Anchor

    Sea anchor and pulley for use at sea or very large areas of water with no far bank