Neptune Rake

Neptune Rake is a lightweight, yet very robust tool for cropping emergent pond weed and dredging detritus from lake beds.

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Neptune Rake is the best investment we’ve ever made


It is light enough to carry by hand to any lake, over any terrain.


It can remove up to 10 tons of weed and and lake bed detritus in one day !
Annual use will keep ponds in good order, at full depth and free of rotting detritus.

Built to last

built to last, from 4003  grade stainless steel, made in Glasgow

Neptune Rake Vs Weed Cutting Boats

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Neptune Rake System
  • Cost

    The Neptune Rake system is a fraction of the cost of a weed cutting boat.


    Neptune rake is carried to site by hand
    no need for heavy haulage, slipways or damage to lawns and lake surrounds.


    Neptune rake glides across the lake floor, cropping weed at its base, often including the roots plus any rotting detritus, all of this is effectively gathered at the same time and brought to shore. It has a low carbon footprint.
    Weed cutters may get damaged if they hit the pond base and cut weeds only part way down, only encouraging more vigorous future growth, weed cutters may get damaged if they hit the lake floor. The cut weed then needs gathered, anything missed will sink and rot causing water quality issues or float downstream causing further environmental problems.


    No specific training is required to use Neptune Rake, there are no moving parts to cause maintenance headaches, the excellent Portable Winch has many other uses.
    Weed cutting boats require trained personnel to go out on open water, regular maintenance on moving parts. Separate attachments are required to gather weed.

Neptune Rake


Kit comes with:

The kit includes the Portable Winch PCW5000, this is the best portable capstan winch on the market, it can pull a ton, or with block, two tons. Any land owner will find multiple uses for this winch from tree work to vehicle recovery, made in Canada and powered by a Honda engine its very reliable.

The kit includes 220 metres of 12mm Seasteel rope, this has a 2 ton breaking strain. Use this coil of rope for both winch and gather rope, cut to suit. You will need to form your own knots to attach gather rope to float and winch rope to the rake, a shackle is provided for the rake pulling point to prevent the rope chaffing.

The kit includes a 2m by 1m Palziv foam float, this is incredibly tough closed cell foam, an adult can even use it as a paddle board if need be. Please use buoyancy aids where necessary.

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